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Thorough · Collaborative · Impartial

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Randy Noonan

Randy Noonan

Arbitrator and Mediator; Problem Solver.

I provide a full range of arbitration and mediation services, specializing in labour and employment disputes.

  • Experienced
    30+ years in labour and employment law reaching over 20 sectors in a wide range of subject matter.
  • Fast-moving
    My thorough, yet efficient process resolves disputes quickly.
  • Flexible
    I believe in thinking creatively in collaboration with parties.
  • Principled
    I value confidentiality, fairness, respect, trust, honesty and goodwill.

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Specializing in employment and labour disputes.

  • Collective Agreement Interpretation
  • Termination, Dismissal
  • Human Rights
  • Harassment
  • Compensation, Classification

For a full list of subject matter I have expertise in, please visit my Arbitration page.


Explore conflict resolution collaboratively.

I provide mediation services where the opportunity presents itself for collaborative resolution.

Mediation can be preferable to arbitration for some matters. Instead of being bound by a third-party decision, the parties retain full control of the outcome. My role is to work with the parties and facilitate a consensual resolution.

Please visit my mediation page to learn more.

Collaborate, your way.

I am available to conduct arbitrations and mediations either online or, as permitted and appropriate, in person.

My online practice is conducted using popular collaboration tools including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Let's work together to find the right mix of preference and practicality.

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Please contact me to further discuss your specific situation. I look forward to finding a solution that works for you.

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Randy Noonan

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